Eugene Kalayev

Eugene is the primary data scientist for this research. Over the past 7 years, Eugene has provided ControlUp's product and technological vision, translating market needs into concrete R&D activities. His areas of expertise include virtualization, cloud computing, Windows Server, PowerShell, VDI.

Steve Elgan

Steve is the IT director at OneWorld/Heartland Community Health Centers, with over 15 years of virtualization experience in systems administration spanning all aspects of healthcare end-user computing. His passion is in discovering new ways to leverage IT to empower people to do their jobs better, and impact lives in a meaningful way.

What we learned from closely inspecting a virtual logon.
Make that 238 million real-world logons.

Healthcare Webinar

Join ControlUp and OneWorld Community Health Centers for an in-depth review of the biggest ever study of real-world logons, and a practical view from a healthcare IT administrator.

How long it takes to log into a virtual desktop or application matters greatly for an organization’s user experience and overall productivity. But there is no industry-standard benchmark with which to compare one’s performance - until now.

  • Why logon performance matters, a healthcare IT perspective
  • How long it really takes users to log on? How much does logon speed vary within an organization
  • Steps you can take to capture your metrics
  • How to compare your users’ metrics against this benchmark
  • Best practices you can implement today
  • Discuss your specific challenges with these experts